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Train-the-Trainer Program for First Responders

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Hope Exists Foundation and Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine continue to cultivate a partnership to improve access to naloxone in Atlantic County. Through this partnership the “SAVE-A-LIFE from Overdose” training curriculum was created. This training program is targeted at First Responders, and offers resources to train overdose survivors (as well as their friends and family) to respond to drug overdose. While most First Responders are trained to deliver Naloxone, this training program offers information and training platforms that can be easily passed to the community. In the past First Responders struggled to connect with overdose survivors and their families post overdose reversal. This training program offers participating agencies the opportunity to do more. It only takes a few moments to engage the public and offer them Naloxone and substance use disorder treatment information and resources. Even if overdose survivors refuse transport and advanced medical attention, they can still be provided resources and contact information for Hope One Mobile Outreach. As you may be aware, Hope One is available 24/7 365 days a year to engage individuals with substance use disorders that decide to seek treatment. The Hope One Outreach also makes contact with overdose victims within 72 hours of known overdose. To-date Hope One has connected over 4000 people in crisis with treatment. Below is a “Direct Access Link” that will lead to SAVE-A-LIFE training materials. Direct Access Link! SAVE-A-LIFE Training Program.

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