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Hope One

Hope Exists Foundation's Mobile Outreach Unit

The  Hope Exists Foundation's Mobile Outreach Unit stands as a beacon of  compassion and support within the community, offering a comprehensive  range of social services to those in need. Serving as a genuine bridge  between the community and essential resources, this mobile unit plays a  pivotal role in connecting individuals with vital services and  treatments. Its multifaceted approach addresses various aspects of  well-being, encompassing housing assistance, primary healthcare, peer  support, recovery services, access to nutritious food, and participation  in work programs. Moreover, the unit takes a proactive stance on harm  reduction, providing education on Narcan to empower the community in  preventing and responding to opioid overdoses. In essence, the Hope  Exists Foundation's Mobile Outreach Unit embodies a holistic and caring  approach to community welfare, fostering a sense of hope and empowerment  among those it serves.

Phone: (609) 910-3395

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