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William Mazur


William Mazur specializes in strategic accounts and partnerships with law enforcement and first responders for Acadia Healthcare. William is a retired Deputy Chief with 25 years of experience in law enforcement with the Atlantic City Police Department, and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy Session #256.  William served in many high profile roles with his former agency to include, Street Crimes Unit Commander, Executive Officer SWAT, Executive Officer to the Public Safety Director and Commander of Operations.  He received a Master of Arts (M.A.) Degree in the Police Graduate Studies Program from Seton Hall University.

As a young officer ascending through the supervisory ranks, he observed firsthand the trauma experienced by his colleagues due to critical incidents and work associated stress. The fallout of these repeated stressors, unfortunately, manifested itself in personal crisis for many of his co-workers and even suicide in several instances. It was from these experiences that he decided to make a personal commitment to himself and his agency to support and mentor officers through these traumatic events. He served as coordinator for the Officer Wellness Committee and project manager for an initiative he developed which was responsible for the research, design and implementation of a state of the art fitness facility In his former department.

William Mazur
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