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Atlantic County Urges Preparation for Potential Flooding and High Winds

In preparation for a strong storm system expected to pass through our area later today through early tomorrow with the potential for several inches of rain and 35-45 mph winds with gusts as high as 65 mph, Atlantic County officials are reminding residents to secure loose outdoor objects on their properties that could become airborne and cause damage, charge their electronic devices in the event of power outages from downed trees and utility wires, and check on the elderly and infirm.

A state of emergency for the entire state will go into effect as of 5 PM this evening to allow officials to gather and deploy resources. No travel bans have been issued at this time, however motorists are urged to exercise caution on roadways and avoid driving through flood waters. They may also want to move vehicles from low-lying, flood-prone areas to higher ground.

Anyone who experiences a life-threatening emergency should contact 911. Non life-threatening emergencies may be reported to local offices of emergency management. Residents are also advised to heed guidance from public officials and continue to monitor the storm for any changes.

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