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Expressing Gratitude: Partnerships for Positive Change in Mizpah

🌟 We are overjoyed to extend our deepest appreciation to all the amazing volunteers and organizations who have partnered with the Hope Exists Foundation to create a positive impact in Mizpah! 🌟

A heartfelt shoutout to:

🙏 Kramer Beverage

🌟 Kramer Cares Team

🏥 Wellpoint

🕍 St. John AME Zion Church

👮‍♂️ New Jersey State Police

🍽️ Community Food Bank of New Jersey - Egg Harbor Township

🎖️ Hope Exists Veterans Outreach

💉 South Jersey Family Medical Centers

🎓 Rowan University Medical

Your unwavering dedication and assistance in providing food support to our Mizpah community are truly admirable. Together, we're spreading hope and making a profound difference in the lives of those in need. Thank you for your remarkable kindness and generosity! 💙 #HopeExistsFoundation #CommunitySupport #Gratitude #MakingADifference

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